Citizenship for Exceptional Services by Direct Investment

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In 2014 the Maltese Government has launched a Malta citizenship by investment programme which guarantees the main application and its dependents facilitation of travel, personal security, better education for the children, a stable political system, an excellent investment environment, and also an excellent quality of life. Holders of Maltese Passports have the freedom to live, work, study, retire, invest, and also do business in any European Union Member State. 

Since the Individual Investment Programme has reached its cap, in 2020, the Government of Malta has recently established a new governmental agency, Community Malta Agency to process all applications leading to Maltese Citizenship which include citizenship by descent, citizenship through merit, citizenship by naturalisation through long term residence and through exceptional service by merit and exceptional service by investment in Malta.


Citizenship For Exceptional Services by Direct Investment Requirements and Contribution; 

Direct Investment

Successful applicants, who can prove residency status in Malta for thirty-six (36) months prior to the naturalization, are required to make a direct investment of €600,000 whilst applicants who prove a residency status in Malta for at least twelve (12) months are required to make an exceptional direct investment of €750,000. If the applicant is accompanied by qualifying dependants, a further investment of €50,000 per dependent is to be made.  

Philanthropic Donation

Prior to the issue of a certificate of Maltese citizenship, the applicant is also required to donate a minimum of ten thousand euro (€10,000) to a registered philanthropic, cultural, sport, scientific,  animal welfare, or artistic non governmental organisation or society as approved by Community Malta Agency. 

Property Investment

The applicant must either purchase or rent residential property in Malta. If the applicants opts to purchase an immovable residential property, an investment of at least seven hundred thousand euro (€700,000) is to be made. An applicant may also lease a residential immovable property in Malta for a minimum annual rent of sixteen thousand euro (€16,000). The property shall be adequate and suitable for the applicant and his dependants and must be kept for at least five (5) years from the date of the certificate of Maltese citizenship. 

The Applicant must also provide documented evidence showing any personal, commercial or financial ties to Malta.



Under the Citizenship for Exceptional Services Regulations, an applicant for citizenship must be at least eighteen (18) years of age and can include in his application:

  • a spouse in a monogamous marriage or partner in another relationship having the same or similar status to marriage, including a civil union, partnership, common law marriage, 
  • a child or an adoptive child of the main applicant or his/her spouse, who has not yet attained eighteen (18) years of age at the time of submission of the application.
  • a financially dependent, unmarried child of the main applicant or of his/her spouse, who has attained eighteen (18) years of age but has not yet attained twenty-nine (29) years of age, at the time of the submission of the application
  • a financially dependent parent or grandparent of the main applicant or of his/her spouse, who has attained fifty-five (55) years at the time of the application 
  • a child or an adopted child of the main applicant or of his/her spouse, who at the time of the application is qualified as a person with disabilities

The applicant and any of his dependants must also be in good health and are not suffering from any contagious disease and are not likely to become a burden on the Maltese public health system. 

To qualify for Citizenship for Exceptional Services the main applicant must include:

In order to qualify for citizenship under the Programme, the main applicant must fulfil the following criteria:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Meet the application requirements outlined in the Regulations.
  • Interviewing an applicant is not mandatory but might be requested.
  • Provide proof of residence in Malta for a period of 12 months or 36 months preceding the day of issuance of the certificate of naturalisation.

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    A person shall be disqualified from applying for the grant of  Maltese citizenship if:

    1. He or any of his dependants is or was arraigned or indicted of an offence before an International Criminal Court
    2. He or any of his dependants are listed with Interpol or Europol
    3. He or any of his dependants are an actual or potential threat to national security, public policy or public health of Malta
    4. He or any of his dependants have been charged with terrorism, money laundering, funding of terrorism, crimes against humanity, war crimes and other serious crimes
    5. He or any of his dependants have at any time been found guilt of, or at any time during the process of the application, has been interrogated or is suspected of, or has criminal charges brought against him for any criminal offence punishable with more than one (1) year imprisonment, other than involuntary offence
    6. He or any of his dependants is or is likely to be involved in any activity which may cause disrepute to the Republic of Malta
    7. He or any of his dependants is named or is listed in international sanctions
    8. He or any of his dependants has been denied a visa to a country with whom Malta has visa-free travel arrangements and has not subsequently obtained a visa from that same country

    All applicants will be subject to a four tier nature and may also include security checks to be carried out by law enforcement authorities in line with the Data Protection legislation. Such checks shall be performed also by third parties including one or more internationally recognised specialized due diligence service providers, in respect of every applicant.  

    During the first five years from the grant of the certificate of Maltese Citizenship, the Community Malta Agency may request the applicant to provide any information or documentation and may also subject the applicant to an interview. 

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