The Patents and Designs Act , defines patents as the means the exclusive right given by the Comptroller of Industrial Property.
For a new invention to be recognized, it must be done through the registration of a patent. Once the application is filed and it is confirmed by the Comptroller, the proprietor of the patent would have the total ownership of the invention.

For an idea to be eligible for patent it must satisfy the following criteria:

  • It must be Novel, if it does not form part of the prior art
  • It requires a certain level of inventiveness 
  • It must have some form of industrial applicability

Upon the ownership of the invention, the owner of the patent, shall have the right to prevent third parties from performing, without his authorisation, the following acts:

  • The  making of  a product incorporating  the subject- matter of the patent
  • The offering or the putting on the market of a product incorporating the subject-matter of the patent, the use of such product, or the importation or stocking of such product for such offering or putting on the market or for such use
  • The  inducing of  third parties  to perform any  of the above acts
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